Vaginal Surgery Patient Testimonials

Procedure: Sling Revision
First of all I want to say thank you for removing my sling back in March and for all the care before and after. I am at awe, to be honest, at what you do for women and how you give us our lives back. Just saying “thank you” does not feel like it is enough. My recovery has not been fun but I know I’m on my way. I still have discomfort and pain but that suicidal pain is gone. I can touch the floor with both feet firmly planted on the ground – a task that was so painful and impossible before. That was my first thought when I took my first walk. Thank you…Thank you!

“Thank you…Thank you!”

Procedures: Sling Revision, Laparoscopic Mesh Removal, Laparoscopic Adhesiolysis
Wow! I was reviewing my records and was amazed again at the expertise and the quality of care that I received. It was wonderful, truly amazing that it exists, and even more miraculous and amazing that I was able to receive that expertise and care. Thank you so much Dr. Miklos! I will continue to walk everyday and hopefully, be able to go up those small ‘hills’ again! My Thanks, again, to your wonderful medical team, for the support they give to women in need.

“Miraculous and amazing”

Procedures: Laparoscopic Neovagina
I was a patient of Drs. Miklos and Moore a year ago and wanted to take a minute to convey my gratitude to everyone in your office. It is now a year after my surgery to correct MRKH. I have found myself a great guy and life is pretty damn great and getting to feel like a “normal” college student is largely thanks to the people in your office. Thanks Again!

“I have found myself a great guy”

Procedures: Sling Revision / Removal, Removal of Mesh (Left Groin)
Dr. Moore & Staff, Thank you for all your awesome care. I am doing great. God’s blessing to you.

“Awesome care”

Procedures: Perineoplasty
I want to thank you for repairing my birth tear. You are a creative genius who has saved me from a life of suffering. Everyone was so kind to me and I’m feeling great! I will appreciate you for life! “Not a day goes by that I don’t thank Dr. Moore for fixing me. My experience was great from beginning to end!”

“My experience was great from beginning to end!”

Procedures: Laparoscopic Mesh Removal, PVR, Enterolysis, Laparoscopic TVT Sling Revision
After struggling with mesh complications from my TVT sling placed on 8/23/07, I gave up on finding any relief from the medical community in Utah. I spent a small fortune on chiropractors, shaman, rolfers and other alternative therapies, which helped me cope with the pain better.

Eventually the pain and urinary obstruction became more than something I could learn to live with and I needed help. After spending a fortune on specialists, MRI’s, ultrasounds, cat scans and urodynamic testing I realized I needed to look elsewhere for someone that understands mesh complications and has extensive experience in addressing these issues.

Dr. Miklos performed a laparoscopic removal of my TVT and I am very happy to report that my issues have resolved and I have returned to dancing and my other physical activities that I enjoyed before my original surgery. I can also sit for prolonged periods again. I am very grateful to have found someone experienced in surgical removal of TVT. I am very happy to report that my quality of life is back to where it should be!

“I am very happy to report that my issues have resolved”

Procedures: Vesicovaginal Fistula
With all 3 vesicovaginal fistula failed surgeries, I asked my Urogynecologist if she had heard about Dr. Miklos, which she had. I mentioned to her that I wanted to see him because he is known to conduct a repair laparoscopically. My Urogynecologist was very supportive with me seeing Dr. Miklos and felt that having the surgery completed successfully laparoscopically would be greater with Dr. Miklos.

When I met Dr. Miklos, I immediately felt comfortable with him as he explained the procedure in detail and answered any questions my husband and I had. I felt he was very confident in his work, which made me even more comfortable and trusted him to perform the vesicovaginal repair.

Today, I’m not dealing with anymore urinary pads, don’t have to worry about having an accident, and I’m able to do my normal activities. I live in Hawaii and haven’t been able to swim or jump into a Jacuzzi, now I can. I am so very, very happy I have my life back. I thank God that I was blessed to have met and have been treated under the care of Dr. Miklos & Dr. Moore and his wonderful and outstanding nursing and office staff, they are the BEST!

I would definitely recommend these doctors even if you have to travel thousands of miles like me. It was worth it!!”

“I would definitely recommend these doctors”

Procedures: Vaginal Anterior & Posterior Mesh Removal, Levatorplasty Muscle Release
Dear Dr. Moore, I wanted to put a thank you card in the mail to let you know how much I appreciate everything you were able to accomplish for me in surgery! And that I think you’re AMAZING! I will continue to work towards and hope for complete recovery and success on this end. And to your staff and assistants in surgery, my gratitude also. Your skills were definitely seen in the reportand I’m so thankful. I feel lucky to have found you! Amazing things can happen…

“Your skills were definitely seen in the report”

Procedures: Enterolysis, Laparoscopic Sacral Colpopexy, Paravaginal Repair
It’s amazing the way I feel at 3weeks – he’s my hero! I’d go around the world just to have Dr. Miklos do my surgery!

“He’s my hero!”

Procedures: Sling Revision
I believe Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore are more than likely the best in the country. Thank you so very much. I just wanted to share the great experience I had. I have finally found a doctor who knows EVERYTHING!

“I have finally found a doctor who knows EVERYTHING!”

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